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Grit Daily: Brands Should See the Pandemic as a Growth Opportunity

Branding Bosses CEO, Nadia Kaminskaya, discusses marketing during the pandemic and talked about how you should see the pandemic as a growth opportunity for your business in an article for Grit Daily. 

When it comes to marketing during the pandemic, Kaminskaya believes that, with the isolation caused by COVID-19, consumers are looking for a more interactive user experience. She believes businesses should take a “humanized brand approach,” especially on their social media pages. She says, “Something we recommend is showcasing your employees, your day-to-day; showcasing that you’re not a perfect company as well – you also have employees who are working virtually, who are stuck at home, working while drinking coffee in their pajamas because that makes it real and also forms connections.”

For companies that are used to showing only the crispest footage, this may sound like a stretch, but after a year of virtual meetings, many professional interactions feel more casual. It seems logical that brands should reflect the times in which people are living.

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