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5 Ways To Market Your Brand In Tampa Bay

Looking for a more effective way to market your brand in the Tampa Bay area? There are plenty of great tips to get your brand under the spotlight. This blog post will discuss some of the best methods you can use to articulate a broader audience to invest in your brand. Follow along and take notes if you can! 

1) Networking

It can be tough to stand out in a big city, and Tampa Bay is no exception. Tampa has become a hub for startups and innovators alike, so it is no surprise that the Tampa Bay area has the potential to be a powerhouse.

Networking can help you gain more visibility in your industry, connect with other businesses and people in your network, and, most importantly, build brand awareness. Use every chance you get to make connections. Join several groups on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Meetup (for example) where you can post your thoughts or hear about the latest news. 

When networking, make sure to ask questions, share insights, be genuine, and build relationships that will last longer than one night. Most importantly, DON’T FORGET TO FOLLOW UP! 

The Tampa Bay area has so much potential for networking events designed to bring large groups of professionals together. Events such as business mixer gatherings, networking events, chamber mixers, corporate picnics, and more can give you a platform to connect with new people while enhancing your credibility. These events are a great way to meet potential new clients while strengthening existing relationships. Take advantage of these opportunities while they’re available to get yourself out there!

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2) Build Your Community

Building your community online via social media is a crucial step in marketing your brand both locally and nationally.

Social media is an especially valuable tool when it comes to building community. Using the right hashtags and keywords can help you tap into a much larger audience than what you could’ve done years ago without them. Think outside of the box with your usernames, profile pictures, cover photos and profiles to grab people’s attention in a creative way.  Dive into some of the more prominent apps online: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok are just a few to name. Post regularly and engage with your audience as your platforms start to grow. Develop a following that is loyal and supportive of your business. 

3) Create a Website

A website will benefit your company in more ways than one. It gives you a place to put all of your information related to your business or brand, whether it is about the services you offer, events that are coming up, special announcements/promotions, etc. Don’t forget to post testimonials from past and present customers! This will allow you to use a high-quality image of your customer along with a glowing testimonial.

Create a website that is unique and allows you to stand out from the other businesses in your industry. No one wants to see yet another informational page copy and pasted from a site template.  It’s important that your website is fresh and gives a great first impression to your potential customers.

Here are some examples of websites that Branding Bosses has created to showcase the importance of location and website creation: 

4) Tell a Story

Get personal. Build that emotional connection. Talk about how you got from point A to point B and why you started your brand. Remember: people buy from people. So be genuine about your brand, and as you build trust within the local communities, they will be far less likely to go to any other competitor.

5) Branding is Key

That’s right; you read that correctly. While marketing for your brand is essential, having a great brand to market is even more critical in the Tampa Bay community. A common mistake we can make as brand marketers is creating lengthy messages that confuse the potential customer. What do you look for when scrolling on social media or reading about a brand in a magazine? Something clear, concise, and even a little unique!

Catch their eye with a powerful message. Of course, it’s easier said than done, but who’s rushing? Take the time to create meaningful content for your brand. You can also reach out to local digital marketing companies.

Check out this great article to understand and help you choose the right agency:  Branding RFP.

When you think back to the brand you created, do you consider any of these tips part of your marketing process? If not, it may be time to revisit how you’re building your brand. Customers need a reason to buy, and frequently they need more than one reason. So create a unique brand and be that reason for people to buy into your brand.

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