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How to identify your target audience

Who is your Target Audience?

Marketing is only successful if it is catered to its audience. To do that, it takes an in-depth understanding of your audience and what will interest them the most. Identifying your target audience takes some time and research, but we can help you! 

Here is how to identify your target audience:

1) Think of Your Current Customers

For marketers, digital marketing is about connecting with your ideal consumer at every turn. It’s about asking them for feedback or examples of what they like and dislike so that you can improve. Identifying your target audience isn’t easy but there are tools based on your current customers that can help. You can ask a set of questions which categorize various economic indicators into three groups. You can use these questions to find out which audience segments are more or less representative of your target customer base.

2) Focus on the Benefits and Not the Features

Consumers always need to be shown the benefits of using your product. Why should they buy your product/service? What problem are you trying to solve?  This makes them more likely to buy your product. Features tell consumers what, and benefits tell consumers why. Consumers are constantly looking for a reason to buy your product and that is what will sell them the most. Benefits always matter the most to consumers! Thinking of each concept separately will help with your marketing campaign and the audience you are trying to reach.

3) Research your Competitors

One of the best ways to identify who your customers are and what they want is to look at your competitors’ social media sites and websites. Furthermore, pay attention to what they post on forums and message boards. Make a list of these threads representative of all the topics that concern you and what action you could take to improve your website’s visibility in those areas. Your target audience is sure to have a lot in common with the target audiences of your competitors. Doing this early on in your marketing operation can save you a lot of time and effort in the long run – helping you develop a targeted audience instead of a mass one.

4) Create a Market Positioning Map

In short, this is a visual depiction of what your target audience thinks about your product. It shows where existing products and services are positioned, and marketers can use this information to figure out where they would like to position their products. Having this map is important because it can showcase your strengths and weaknesses and can help you to identify market opportunities and competitive advantages.

At the end of the day, there are three keys to successful marketing. Learn to identify your target audience. Learn to spot opportunities for growth and distribution that provide value to your audience. And learn to use the right tactics to drive your message across — so that you can get more done with less effort, and enjoy more success as a result. 

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