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Online Clothing Stores Thriving Through Pandemic

As you probably already know, this is a crazy time for the world, a global pandemic, online education, and a crashing economy. Not only are small businesses suffering, but large companies such as Sears, RadioShack, and J. Crew are in danger of going bankrupt. 

These businesses are not well known for eCommerce and did not have time amid the crisis to successfully gain an online shopping following. By marketing their online stores, companies like Lulu’s, Nasty Gal, Fashion Nova, and Fabletics have maintained consistent business even through the pandemic. Since these companies do not pay for retail sales employees or store space, they can spend more money on marketing and advertisements online.

Increased internet use from the COVID-19 crisis is drawing people to see more ads online on a day-to-day basis.

These online clothing brands have created an easy way to find what you need through filters and categories, making shopping in person seem less of a hassle. Websites may include tabs of looks that the company has put together, acting like a mannequin in a store would. 

Then right from that page, you can click on the links attached and “shop the look.” Customer reviews may be available for those who may be uncomfortable shopping for clothes online because of inconsistencies in size or material. 

Previous customers can review a product and explain how it worked for them in their experience so that future customers can gauge their purchases.

Customers also may be provided within-site chat options. Instant chat systems on clothing websites can be useful for asking online associates quick questions online. This prevents the work of emailing or calling the corporate company and can give easy answers there and then.

These brands are focused on the target market of young females. By advertising on high-traffic social media such as Instagram, these companies draw in customers by using exclusive deals or sales that claim to be available for a limited time. Customers in this target market may also advertise their brands on other platforms without the company even asking. 

For example, it is popular to post hauls from online clothing stores on YouTube, promoting the brand without them having to do anything.

Through this time, online clothing brands have been tactically making free-shipping deals, creating giveaways, and creating flash sales on their products. Enticing shoppers in this way creates a reliable sales funnel for the company. When everyone feels they need to treat themselves, buying clothes online is a safe and easy way to brighten up anyone’s day in quarantine.


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