30 Jun

Online Clothing Stores Thriving Through Pandemic

As you probably already know, this is a crazy time for the world, a global pandemic, online education, and a crashing economy. Not only are small businesses suffering, but large companies such as Sears, RadioShack, and J. Crew are in danger of going bankrupt. 

These businesses are not well known for eCommerce and did not have time amid the crisis to successfully gain an online shopping following. By marketing their online stores, companies like Lulu’s, Nasty Gal, Fashion Nova, and Fabletics have maintained consistent business even through the pandemic. Since these companies do not pay for retail sales employees or store space, they can spend more money on marketing and advertisements online.

Increased internet use from the COVID-19 crisis is drawing people to see more ads online on a day to day basis.

These online clothing brands have created an easy way to find what you need by filters and categories, making shopping in person seem like less of a hassle. Websites may include tabs of looks that the company has put together, acting like a mannequin in a store would. 

Then right from that page, you can click on links attached and “shop the look.” Customer reviews may be available for those who may be uncomfortable shopping for clothes online because of inconsistencies in size or material. 

Previous customers can review a product and explain how it worked for them in their experience so that future customers can gauge their purchases.

Customers also may be provided within-site chat options. Instant chat systems on clothing websites can be useful to ask online associates quick questions online. This prevents the work of emailing or calling the corporate company and can give easy answers there and then.

These brands are focused on the target market of young females. By advertising on high traffic social media such as Instagram, these companies draw in customers by using exclusive deals or sales that claim to be available for a limited time. Customers in this target market may also advertise their brands on other platforms without the company, even asking. 

For example, it is popular to post hauls from online clothing stores on YouTube, promoting the brand without them having to do anything.

Through this time, online clothing brands have been tactically making free-shipping deals, creating giveaways, and creating flash sales on their products. Enticing shoppers in this way creates a reliable sales funnel for the company. When everyone feels they need to treat themselves, buying clothes online is a safe and easy way to brighten up anyone’s day in quarantine.

23 Jun

Gym Closures Spark Creativity Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

Businesses have been feeling the impact of pandemic closures worldwide, requiring them to be creative to continue to have a stream of income.

Restaurants turned to delivery services and carry-out food. Retail stores have heavily relied on online shopping. However, gyms and fitness studios faced a new challenge: how can a business that relies solely on in-person interaction still bring in money during a time when no in-person interaction is allowed? 

Many places rose to the occasion with imaginative solutions that not only helped them bring in revenue but also helped their members stay active. 

As a frequent gym-goer myself, the closure was something I was dreading. I often use the gym as my main form of stress relief, and I wasn’t sure how to cope without it. Like the gym owners, I had to find new inventive ways to stay active. 

I made the switch to outdoor workouts and increased cardio due to my lack of equipment. I found myself going on more runs, walks, and bike rides. I even decided to try out Chloe Ting’s, a fitness YouTuber, two-week shred challenge, which is made up of a series of videos designed to get you in shape. This challenge has become especially popular during quarantine, where participants share their progress on apps such as Tik Tok and Instagram. 

Slowly, states are beginning to open their gyms backup, Florida is one of the states that have already taken that step. 

However, going back to a gym might be frightening to those who are immunocompromised or have someone who is at home thankfully, if quarantine has taught us anything it is how to adjust to a new normal.

Here are our top 4 tips on how gyms can adapt to the new normal:

#1 Rent out your equipment to members

As dumbbells and resistance bands began to fly off the shelves of Target at the beginning of quarantine, Unite Fitness in Philadelphia chose to rent out their equipment. They rented out all the weights and bands they owned. This switch was mutually beneficial for them financially and their members who couldn’t access equipment. 

Many other smaller studios have followed in suit with different rental options. Even spin studios have taken to renting out their bikes so members can participate in virtual spin classes. This is a great option to help you continue to bring in revenue, especially if you’re in a state when there are still closures.

#2 – Host virtual workouts on social media platforms

Other nationwide gym chains have turned to the internet to host virtual workouts for members. Planet Fitness, Orangetheory, Crunch, L.A. Fitness, and Pure Barre are just a few offering them. Unfortunately, many of these gyms had to go over a month without charging members, so how does the gym benefit from free virtual workouts? They gain social currency.

While some gyms have their own platform to host their online workouts such as CrunchTV or Pure Barre On Demand, many have also held Instagram and Facebook Live fitness classes available to the public. These sessions often lead to an increase of likes and follows on their page, as well as exposure to a new audience.

#3 – Offer both in-person and virtual personal training

Many gyms and trainers have begun to offer virtual personal training. This is a good option for not only states who continue to experience closures but also for clients who don’t feel comfortable heading to the gym. 

My mom has recently started working out with a personal trainer online. Even though this is typically unconventional, she has enjoyed this approach to staying active.

#4 – Make safety features and sanitary items prominent to members

As excited I was to be back at Crunch the first day they opened, I was a little hesitant to be around that many people amid a global pandemic. Luckily, they have implemented new safety precautions, such as providing members with a bottle of antibacterial spray, requiring individuals to bring workout towels, increased sanitation stations, and 6-feet distance between equipment. 

They also had large signs promoting social distancing and employees, ensuring members are following policy. All of these steps help make members feel more comfortable with attending the gym. It also limits the spread of Covid-19.

05 May

How is your Marketing Strategy Going to Change After COVID-19?

Two months ago, the world was in a different place.⁣ Coronavirus is, by far, one of the biggest challenges this generation has faced, and its impacts will last in the years to come. Social distancing and remote work are the only solutions that can help people stay safe. In short, COVID-19 has people staying home, which has altered consumer buying patterns.

So, how should marketers be handling this?

We need to adjust to the new normal! To survive the negative sentiment and economic slowdown: resilience, innovation, agility, and empathy should be a marketers’ key tools. As consumers’ lifestyles are adapting to staying at home, marketers must proactively reach out to them where they are.

1. Anticipate Consumer Needs

It is important to identify individual consumer needs and address them accordingly.

2. Leverage Technology

Meeting customer needs has been a challenge and we must think the best way to serve your customers the best possible way with limited resources and social distancing constraints. With the help of eCommerce solutions, businesses can fulfill customer needs in a timely manner. 

3. Digital World Presence

As people are staying at home, they are spending more time either on streaming platforms, social media, or online shopping. Businesses must be active on their social media and create new strategies for online shopping or in-store pickup  

4. Focus on Customer Experience  

In worrying times like these, brands must help customers, by providing them with the means to cope with the ongoing situation by providing the right information, and going beyond to help customers. Being empathetic and prioritizing customer experience will help your brand stand out.

No one can predict what’s next in this global pandemic and when it will end. But, to survive, businesses must adapt to the new normal. We have come up with a COVID-19 Marketing Strategy Checklist to help businesses help transition their marketing strategy according to the current situation.

⁣1. Emails: Keep your customers informed. They must be kept in the loop on your efforts and any vital information they might need e.g. change in working hours ⁣

⁣2. Social Media: This is one of the fastest ways to keep your customers up-to-date with the information they need. This is a great medium to maintain your customer engagement.⁣

3⁣. Paid Media: Running ads dedicated to helpful resources to help your customers would be better than pushing your products and sales at this time. You do not want to make your business come off as opportunistic in a time where people are worried. ⁣

⁣4. Event Updates: If you had any business-related events, it was likely postponed or canceled. Send regular email updates, post information to your social media accounts, and update any event listings you had on third party websites, like Eventbrite.⁣

⁣Leveraging platforms like social media and email marketing can help keep your business in the minds of the customer while providing them with useful information that helps them get through these difficult times.⁣

05 Feb

Introduction to Branding Bosses

Entrepreneurs are a rare breed of dedicated and ambitious individuals. Each possessing certain characteristics that make them successful. However, one thing that is consistent with each new venture is the marketing strategies that are needed to be able to succeed as a startup.

Our passion is to help entrepreneurs implement innovative marketing strategies that not only make their brand stand out from the crowd but a brand that excites and ignites their followers and customers to act.  

When the idea for our company arose, we wanted to put research and technology at the core of what we offer. From high tech AI solutions to Facebook Chat Bots, and Text Message Marketing, we have unique solutions that fit for the high tech world that we are living in.

However, at Branding Bosses, we aren’t just about technology. We are also about people and real connections that matter. We offer content that captures the attention, videos that stir up emotions and create brands that stand out from the competition.

Our CEO and Founder, Nadia Kaminskaya, has worked in the Tampa Bay startup community for almost nine years and her passions are what created Branding Bosses.

CEO Backstory: 

Nadia always had an entrepreneurial mindset. At the age of 16, she started her first business with provided tutoring services. She immediately realized how difficult it was to navigate the world of business, especially being a young entrepreneur. Nadia lacked the funds to pay a third party company to do her marketing, so she took matters into her own hands and figured out how to expose her brand into the world successfully. 

It was frustrating at first, but as any true entrepreneur knows, there is always a positive in any situation. Opportunities are everywhere, you just need the patience and the drive to discover them. 

Once she became successful in marketing her own company, she began reaching out to startups who needed assistance with web design and brand development. She offered her skills to other small businesses that had been in the same position she was.  

Since then, Nadia has become a serial entrepreneur. With over five companies that she has founded and run successfully,  she is passionate about the Tampa Bay startup community and she is a part of helping Tampa become the next hub for investors and entrepreneurs.

Why Now?

Tampa’s entrepreneurial ecosystem has been growing into a significant hub for entrepreneurs and investors to create innovative ideas. Key demographics point that Tampa Bay is approaching the highest performing areas in the country in terms of startup activity. Universities are investing significantly in their entrepreneurship programs for students of all backgrounds and are creating various support organizations.  The climate, strategic location and the low cost of living have led to various business opportunities for many entrepreneurs. 

Why Us?

Branding Bosses acknowledges these increasing business opportunities, therefore, we have found a creative solution to help these businesses to flourish by creating a strong brand for their company. We offer a wide variety of digital solutions that will help you expand your brand and achieve your business goals.

Our services include:

If you want to explore these services or understand your current digital marketing efforts, connect with us! We provide a free discovery call to discuss which of these services would be the right fit for your business model.