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We are a strategic brand firm with a creative fire. We’re a dedicated team of designers, writers, strategists, developers and account specialists who share a common passion for great design. Together, we create extraordinary brand experiences that help companies establish their voice and elevate their brands. Our work is renowned for its highly-crafted design, and its ability to drive action.


Established in 2019, Branding Bosses is an experienced, talented team of passionate marketing and consulting specialists who live and breathe innovation. We develop marketing strategies from small and medium-sized enterprises across numerous industries.


Ads don’t work. Content does. Because people experience content. To change behavior, you need to engage people first—through useful, relevant means. These are the tools we use to build engagement, spark motivation and drive action among the cultures you wish to influence. The sooner we act, the quicker you can change behavior.




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Nadia Kaminskaya is the Founder and CEO of Branding Bosses, an innovative digital marketing firm based in Tampa, FL. Branding Bosses is focused on helping startups and organizations grow through digital marketing and branding. 

At a very young age, Nadia fell in love with being her own boss. Since then, she started her first business at age 16 and worked in the marketing and branding industry ever since. Over the years, she has founded multiple companies, including Modern Consulting 360, My City Cowork, and Bae Bosses. Nadia’s passions revolve around building startups, education, marketing, and sustainable strategies.

Following high school, she pursued her Bachelor’s in Finance, Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and Marketing from the University of South Florida. She has been involved in multiple research projects and school organizations in which she exemplified to be an outstanding leader. She was a Graduate Teaching Assistant during her Master’s program. 

Nadia launched her current business venture, Branding Bosses. She wanted to branch out and pursue her passion for branding and helping the local business community in Tampa prosper. She started her new brand from scratch and has been building it up exponentially with a strong team behind her. She feels the rush of excitement and motivation every day because she is doing something that she loves, helping startups, and being her own boss. 

We have partnered with many local startups and taken initiatives to be involved in the Tampa Bay Community. On top of this, Branding Bosses is currently expanding its team and looking to expand to work with startups globally.  

As Branding Bosses Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Nadia is fortunate to live her passion for marketing and entrepreneurship every day. She is faced with the opportunity of building her legacy while overseeing a highly talented team of professionals that help her achieve her dream. She hopes to change the face of digital marketing in the business ecosystem. 

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Nadia Kaminskaya and Varsha Issrani

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